Challenging the being and doing of leaders so that they show up in their best form.

Don’Angleo Bivens is a visionary in the field of Leadership Development. Audiences sit up and take notice when he is invited to address teams. His insights on self-reflection, transformative leadership, relationship development, conscious thinking, and emotional intelligence leave audiences eager to shift into a better way of being and a better way of leading.

Keynote Addresses

“Yes” Is Not an Agreement

In our fast-paced lifestyles, the importance of effective communication seems to take second place to expedience. In this presentation, Don’Angelo addresses the importance of understanding what effective communication is and how to execute it. Your audience will understand what it means to lead by agreement, how to create and maintain a culture of fulfilled leaders and staff, and how to unlock explosive growth.

The Unspoken Third

In relationships, be they personal or professional, most of us operate with the understanding that with every choice we make comes a consequence that impacts one or both parties. When a relationship forms, so do an unseen third entity: the relationship itself.

Emotional intelligence is the understanding that we must talk about how our actions (or lack thereof) impact that unspoken third. At the end of this presentation, your audience will understand how to use their thoughts, senses, and intuition to drive emotionally intelligent dialogue that leads to goal-driven results.

It Will Be Whatever You Say That It Is

As humans, many of us lack the understanding that we truly have been given the opportunity to choose. We are in a mindset at every moment. That mindset is the trigger to a domino effect. Mindset leads to emotion, which leads to words, which leads to actions.

Don’Angelo boldly addresses the fact that we often fail to understand that we are in a perspective. After participating in this presentation, your audience will be able to identify how their mindset leads to certain outcomes, for better or worse. They are given the tools to consciously identify what thoughts show up in each moment and make a decision to shift, dismiss, or continue forward. In our process to become better humans and better leaders, we prioritize the mandate to choose our thoughts and what we do with them.

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"You get to choose your thoughts and what you do with them."

- Don'Angelo Bivens


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