Leadership Development That Crosses (or Goes Beyond) the Edge

Bespoke Workshops

Your company’s culture is as unique as the people it employs.  For that reason, bespoke workshops cater to your leaders with your company’s culture in mind. They are a fantastic way to address specific areas where you want to see growth in your company.

Magnanimous Leadership coaches are trained to address workshop attendees in a way that meets not only their professional needs, but also their personal needs. We approach our workshops from a holistic standpoint, leaving our audience of leaders feeling seen, heard, and appreciated.  In turn, those same leaders are equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure their team members experience the same.


Moment by moment, we view life from a specific perspective. That perspective, whether we consciously acknowledge it or not, leads to specific outcomes. Our team works with every level of leadership from emerging leaders to C-Suite Executives. We work together to teach leaders to bring thoughts into consciousness. This single act is imperative to becoming a leader of excellence. When leaders make it a priority to understand the perspectives of their team members and create agreements based on the voiced or unspoken perspectives of others, it can make the difference between success and failure. Learn More Below.

Leadership Development

Our coaches are skilled at partnering with companies and executives to develop curricula specifically aimed at meeting the needs of the organization and its leaders.

Our approach? It’s unconventional and practical as it goes beyond typical leadership development options.

Our Leadership Coaching Is Ideal For:

Leadership development with our team is based on a combination of neuroscience and emotional intelligence, tailored to meet the needs of leaders of various backgrounds. It is important for leaders to understand their own behavior and belief systems as well as the behavior of the teams they lead.

Our leadership development programming goes beyond tactical training which is why so many clients choose to work with us. The practices we use awaken and enhance the humanity of leaders that we coach. Our methods are both people-centered and heart-centered, and our methodology allows leaders to explore their own humanity so that they may reach the next level of success.

Are you ready to walk away from this experience transformed?

Do you want to feel a sense of responsibility for your impact?

Are you ready to relate to yourself, your team, and your organization in a refreshed way?

Do you want to feel a sense of expanded impact?

If you are willing to wake up to beliefs you may have never been exposed to before; if you are willing to shake up your world so that you can be guided to new actions and new results, the time is now. Start the conversation by clicking the link below.

"Expectations are one-sided conversations."

- Don'Angelo Bivens


Our team prides itself on leading through effective communication. This is the core tenet upon which strong relationships of every type are forged. When you choose to work with Magnanimous Leadership, you choose to empower your leaders to become master communicators who elicit outcomes that benefit not only individual team members but also the company as a whole.

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