We believe that the most important aspect of creating great leaders is to first create better humans

Leadership is not a lonely journey.

If you are a high-performing executive and there is more to accomplish that will expand your leadership effectiveness and impact, and you are uncertain of how to get there or want accountability along the way… it’s time for us to talk.


Welcome! I am Don’Angelo, the Fierce and Compassionate Coach, Facilitator and Professional Speaker. I operate by and have one simple truth, my truth: “Better humans. Better leaders.”  We, my team and I, believe that if you are willing to refine your humanity, you will have no other choice but to enhance your leadership effectiveness. We’ve seen it time and time again and we have a track record of producing unprecedented results for executives and their management teams.


Don’Angelo Bivens is a voice of clarity when it seems that everything is changing. If there is one thing he knows, it is that when we shift to promote a more conscious-forward culture, our goals become precise. We leave conversations feeling like we were understood. Miscommunication happens less frequently. In the end, we are left with a culture of people who feel like they are a part of a solution.

Isn’t that a culture you want to be a part of?

“If we’re willing to set aside our righteousness, while still allowing people to be right, we arrive at a space where anything is possible.”

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Our team prides itself on leading through effective communication. This is the core tenet upon which strong relationships of every type are forged. When you choose to work with Magnanimous Leadership, you choose to empower your leaders to become master communicators who elicit outcomes that benefit not only individual team members but also the company as a whole.

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