About Don'angelo

Don’Angelo Bivens is a Certified Executive Coach, a Leadership Facilitator, and Speaker with a heart for humanity. While the bottom line in business is profit, how we attain that profit is key.

Don’Angelo has both a deep understanding of what drives human behavior and the innate ability to produce results that are of great importance to leaders: meaningful, effective, and lasting solutions to obstacles that arise regularly. For this reason, Don’Angelo is highly sought after as a facilitator and coach who cuts through the noise.

Since 2000, leadership and executive coaching have not only been a career but a lifestyle for Don’Angleo.  With a plethora of certifications and degrees, Don’Angelo’s area of expertise lies in partnering with leaders to create meaningful leaps in their personal and professional lives. Every client Don’Angleo works with is unique. Custom road maps are created and reimagined through a powerful coach-client relationship until his clients produce sustainable breakthroughs.

Don’Angelo’s unique coaching approach enhances the emotional intelligence, performance, and leadership effectiveness of his clients. Through his work, he leads clients to optimized thought patterns that cause positive shifts in behavior. Mind-blowing results ensue as clients shift their perspectives and align actions with intentions… Passion for breakthrough results drives Don’Angelo to be the best at his craft.


Don’Angelo’s theory on leadership is:  “Leadership is not a lonely journey.” The journey of leadership starts by influencing oneself to shift and make changes where needed. Those changes lead to the ability to influence others. If our only intent is to shift the mindset of others, it will be a very steep uphill climb. When we start with ourselves and shift our mindset and actions, the fortitude it takes to forge our path and influence others becomes significantly easier and infinitely more impactful. When we climb with the ultimate goal of becoming the highest version of ourselves, others see the positive changes and naturally want to follow.

Don’Angelo’s Education

Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Missouri State University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Tuskegee University


"If we’re willing to set aside our righteousness, while still allowing people to be right, we arrive at a space where anything is possible."

- Don'Angelo Bivens


Our team prides itself on leading through effective communication. This is the core tenet upon which strong relationships of every type are forged. When you choose to work with Magnanimous Leadership, you choose to empower your leaders to become master communicators who elicit outcomes that benefit not only individual team members but also the company as a whole.

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